Excellent UV resistant ink for EPSON Eco Tank Series
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▲  EPSON’s New Eco Tank series, L3110/L3150 InkTank printer.

     EPSON's latest generation of EcoTank series printers, the L3110 /5190 model, the new line up of EcoTank printers that offer one of the lowest total cost and the speed can competitive with laser printer. It has been popular among users since its launch! Market share is also very huge!

      Being consider as the most popular model, it is getting more attention from photographers because of the photographic ink package we delivered . To this end, our company using ULTRA RESISTANT TECHNOLOGY to develop the inks with excellent resistant of UV and Ozone. PREMIUM version - Anti UV Dye ink. SUPREME version - Superior Anti UV and Ozone resistant ink.

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Ultra Resistant Technology