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      Trendvision Technology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd was established in Zhuhai, China Since 2004. As a professional ink manufacturing company, we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation while maintaining high production capacity and stringent management standards. At the same time, providing excellent customer service to our clients with the perfect ink solutions you need. In 2018, we have further launched an additional ink factory to diversify our ink product lines and increase production capacity - Zhuhai Inkmo Technology Co., Ltd.

Our ink solutions are compatible for different series of desktop printers and various wide-format printers, with annual ink production of 12,000 tons that can be shipped to anywhere around the world. In order to provide high quality services to our clients, we have established four main operating centers which consist of Research and Development (R&D), Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, and Administration. The main responsibilities of these four operating centers are to communicate, and to back each other up in terms of operating and decision making. Through this method we can ensure a smooth operating process, as well as providing good customer care and creating higher commercial value for customers.

We have always maintain a prospective vision, the company will strive to achieve excellence in the future, and  at the same time based on the corporate philosophy of pragmatism, creativity, meticulous, everlasting to listen and fulfil the needs of customers. Welcome to be our partners.

Inkjet technology, always a step ahead.

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